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MBA admissions waitlist: A beginning, not an end

April 9 2010 By The MBA Exchange
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Five steps to gaining admission with The MBA Exchange®

If you applied to business school and are now waitlisted, don’t consider your candidacy to be DOA. In fact, there are important steps that could keep your chances alive. However, time is your enemy as the admissions committees shuffle the deck every day.

Being put on a waiting list should not discourage you. This status confirms that your candidacy satisfies the school’s selection criteria. Now it’s a numbers game — how many previously admitted applicants will actually commit and pay their deposit? How many waitlisted applicants have profiles comparable or superior to yours?

There are waitlisted applicants who do nothing at all, fearing the worst and hoping for the best. And there are others who overdue it and annoy or offend the admissions committee, thus prompting an early and negative end to their waitlist status. From 14 years of helping hundreds of waitlistees achieve admission, The MBA Exchange has found the happy medium that could increase your chances of getting off the waitlist and onto the admit list.

Here are the five steps we take with applicants who sign up for our Waitlist Consultation:

  1. First we carefully review and analyze the application, so that we know exactly what the school knows and perceives about them.
  2. Next we identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that should have been addressed in the original application. Those are some of the reasons for being waitlisted rather than accepted in the first place.
  3. We identify the strengths that should have been amplified, another reason for being waitlisted rather than accepted. The applicant didn’t do a good enough job of leveraging his or her strengths.
  4. We propose specific action steps to update and refresh their candidacy. A key consideration here is the waitlist policy of the targeted school. Caveat: some MBA programs prohibit additional submissions, while other programs welcome them — we know which are which.
  5. We ensure well-timed, on-target communications from the applicant to the admissions office and other influencers to help advance the candidacy.

Of course, it’s ideal to gain admission right away and avoid the waitlist saga, as is the case for most of our clients. But if you missed out on our Comprehensive Consultation for your original application and currently find yourself on a waitlist, there’s still plenty we can do to help. Request a free evaluation of your waitlisted candidacy for 2010. Don’t wait for the admissions committees to seal your fate. Step up with The MBA Exchange.