Advice to MBA Admits: Get Ready for Background Verification

Updated December 6, 2021

When receiving an official offer of admission, some MBA admits don’t realize that enrollment is not guaranteed – the screening process is still ongoing. Most business schools conduct a pre-matriculation, verification process to confirm the personal and professional profiles of admitted applicants. In other words, they do a background check to verify your MBA application details were accurate. It is essential for admits to anticipate and prepare for this final check before quitting their jobs and packing their bags for b-school.

Who does the MBA admissions background checks?

While some programs complete the checks internally, others engage verification agencies such as Kroll and ReVera. Applicants who have been completely open and accurate in their apps are sometimes surprised when they are contracted for further information. Unusual work experience without complete documentation may be a trigger for your b-school. Gaps or inconsistencies can flag a candidate for further probing. That said, having your background scrutinized at this time doesn’t automatically mean the offer of admission will be rescinded. It could be as simple as providing a brief explanation or clarification when asked – so don’t panic, prepare.

How can I prepare for the MBA background check?

The key is to prepare in advance for the background verification process so you can respond promptly in a cool, calm, and confident manner. Having an expert advisor with a proven process and track record can make a big difference. One such solution is CounterCheck™ from The MBA Exchange. We can review your application and prepare for any questions that may come your way.

Your readiness to work through it will not only safeguard your enrollment but help you avoid sleepless nights while the school and its verification firm are reconsidering your credentials and credibility. Luckily, background verification is the final step in the MBA admissions process.