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Is it ethical to engage a professional MBA admissions consultant?

January 30 2018 By The MBA Exchange
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In a word, yes. The reality is that most MBA applicants receive some guidance, feedback and/or input from a wide variety of third parties – friends, relatives, colleagues, employers, current students, alumni, even anonymous fellow applicants via online forums. Seeking and considering other perspectives is a valuable exercise for even the most confident and competitive applicants.

That said, no third party should ever produce application content. Professional, experienced and ethical admissions consultants understand, advocate and insist upon authenticity while helping applicants discover and convey information that is both accurate and honest. In doing so, an admissions consultant is not only a resource to the applicant but also an ally to business schools in their shared pursuit of best fit. Rather than “muddying the waters” during the admissions process, professional admissions consultants — such as The MBA Exchange — actually help candidates and adcoms distill it by eliminating the extraneous, challenging the ambiguous, and uncovering the unknown.