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Here’s how our test prep services are different, and better, from others

Diagnostic Expertise

We’re skilled in assessing your strengths and vulnerabilities. Our analysis will allow you to focus your time and budget on only those aspects of the test that will maximize your score. With our support, you’ll more efficiently and effectively reach your highest potential.

Individualized Attention

Unlike mass-market tutoring firms, The MBA Exchange works with a limited number of clients each year. We accept only those individuals we can benefit most. As opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” approach of larger firms, we will tailor our engagement to your unique study habits, learning preferences and time/resource constraints.

Honesty and Candor

We schedule only the number of prep sessions that you’ll need – no more, no less. As soon as you reach the point where additional sessions are unlikely to significantly improve your score, we will inform you. Then, you can devote your time and energy to other aspects of the application process.

Scheduling Flexibility

You’re a busy, working professional. So, we accommodate you by scheduling our tutoring sessions at mutually convenient times – mornings, afternoons or evenings – including weekdays and weekends, even holidays.

Test Anxiety Reduction

Do you find it difficult to raise your test scores, even after extensive studying and tutoring? Many MBA applicants have feelings of nervousness, unease or apprehension that interferes with their ability to achieve test scores that reflect their true potential. We can arm you with tangible skills, knowledge and tools to improve your test-taking performance by blocking tension, stress and anxiety. Our proven process is customized, adaptive and based on your needs. You’ll learn to positively address hurdles that constrained you in the past.

Competitive Pricing

We offer exceptional value with pricing to fit every budget. To confirm our affordability, email us today for details.

Professionals with Top Credentials, Extensive Experience and Documented Success

Priya, Senior Tutor
A full-time professional GMAT and GRE tutor with over 10 years of experience, Priya is a former high school physics and math teacher. As a dedicated educator, she takes immense pride and satisfaction in helping others excel. As a student herself, Priya earned numerous national science awards and scholarships, including the Intel Science Talent Search and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. As an undergraduate, she won awards for research in nanotechnology and a highly competitive grant to write about science research opportunities. Priya graduated with a bachelor of science degree in chemical physics from the Honors Scholar Program at Rice University in Texas. An editor of the Official Guide for GMAC/Wiley, Priya has taught and coached students worldwide.

Margo, Senior Tutor
Margo has tutored a wide range of graduate school and college applicants over the past 15 years. Her expertise spans the GMAT and GRE as well as MBA-level subjects including statistics, economics, accounting, marketing research, and consumer behavior. She published her first two books, All Your Word Problems Solved and Off the Charts! Data Interpretation, with the conviction her approach can fundamentally change a test taker’s relationship with math to make it enjoyable. Familiar with multiple languages, Margo has enhanced awareness of grammar and vocabulary, which helps her clients grasp nuances of American English and subtleties of word choice. Margo earned an MBA degree at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a bachelor of science degree in business management with concentrations in marketing and finance at North Carolina State University.

Client Endorsements

Our tutors have been helping applicants master the GMAT/EA and GRE for years. Each of these professionals has an impressive track record of documented success as confirmed by client testimonials like these:

After only ~2 weeks of work with Priya, I was able to make the 20 point increase in my official score, with even greater increases in my practice test scores. Priya’s greatest strength is her ability to understand the student’s work process and point out flaws with it, rather than relying on a canned problem explanation. This is a huge differentiating factor between Priya and other tutors I’ve worked with – she was able to help me see where I was going wrong with a particular problem which helped me to modify my thinking across problem types, rather than relying on memorized formulas or explanations. Priya was an amazing tutor. I was only able to work with her for a few weeks before I had to take my exam, but with more time working with her I would be able to increase my score even more. I’ve already recommended Priya to a few friends who are preparing for the GMAT and will continue to recommend her to anyone who starts prep. During the short time I worked with Priya, she not only helped to tutor me, but also helped to mentor me through the GMAT process. Although I only hired her as a tutor, she was able to hone in on my anxiety over the quant section problems and give me the confidence in my own skills that I needed to succeed on the test. I think this is a very rare quality to find in a tutor, and her help was invaluable in increasing my score.
— C.T., Illinois

I was stuck in the mid-600’s for months unable to get anywhere near achieving my goal of breaking 700. In just a few sessions Margo helped me to completely change the way I approached Quant problems and in just two weeks between tests I increased my score 60 points, scoring a 740!! She was flexible, approachable, and most importantly fun to work with. Her techniques are logical, easy to implement, and helped me to simplify even the most convoluted Quant problem. She even “accompanied me into the test” as I heard her useful catch phrases repeat in my head during the exam……”Decimals are death!” Margo was truly an amazing tutor and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to maximize their Quant Score. I can’t thank her enough!!
— D.H., California

Within ~5 weeks I went from 620 to 670. Priya will help me sort out what I mean when I have difficulty describing it and then guide me to the answer. When I don’t have a good idea on how to approach it, Priya takes the lead and again, walks me through it, but in a way that I understand and isn’t just her doing the problem for me – it’s helping me to do the problem myself. If I have a question, she’ll be quick to check her email and send me an answer. If I’ve been busy and haven’t contacted her lately, she’ll drop me a message asking if I’m interested in a session or if I need some more time. She’s very flexible and, unlike other tutors that require problems well in advance of the session, she can still help you even if you put her on the spot with a sudden problem. I had been searching for a tutor prior to finding Priya and, due to past experience, was looking for a local one. I had several sessions and their method wasn’t anywhere near as clear or helpful as Priya’s. Priya’s been an incredibly helpful teacher. I highly recommended her.
— L.N., New Jersey

“After previously working with a different private tutor and a popular test prep company I am confident that they are the best in the business. Masters at identifying where their students’ knowledge and/or process is lacking and an quickly fill those gaps. Truly driven by seeing their students succeed and their record speaks for itself. If you are willing to work hard and follow their teaching, the sky is the limit. I can’t thank them enough for helping me achieve a GMAT score that enables me to be a competitive applicant at the school of my choice. Should I ever prepare for another exam of any kind, I would never consider working with another individual or company. If you’re searching for an exam tutor, look no further, you’ve found the best.”
–S.T., Illinois

“Very lucid and patient as a tutor. Would definitely connect with her. ABSOLUTELY recommend! Priya is professional and very easy to talk to — that makes her great tutor. I saw 130 point increase. Without Priya, I would not have been able to do so. Thanks all to Priya.”
— A.S., California

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