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HBS Admissions Interviewees Get the “Last, Last Word”

October 15 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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Each applicant interviewing for admission to any business school gets the last word. Whether this means answering the concluding question asked by the interviewer or posing a question to the interviewer, every candidate gets a parting shot to leave a lasting impression with the gatekeeper sitting across the table.

Now, just imagine having a bonus opportunity to reflect on the actual interview and then, 24 hours later, submit a written essay to help clarify any misunderstanding or confusion, mitigate any vulnerability and/or reinforce any strength. This essay can be a do-over, an add-on or fresh content at the candidate’s sole discretion.

There’s only one top-tier business school where interviewees have this chance for a “last, last word.” Harvard Business School’s unique, post-interview reflection essay must be submitted within 24 hours after the actual interview. With little guidance and few constraints, HBS applicants have extensive latitude in choosing subjects, structure and style. For some candidates, this essay is a license to dazzle the admissions board with otherwise hidden gems. For others, the essay is a challenge that prompts stress and uncertainty, before and after submitting it.

Regardless of your writing skill and comfort level, or how good or bad your interview goes, having an expert in your corner during the subsequent 24 hours can make all the difference in the world. Would you like to have a partner standing by to help you do a rapid, post-mortem analysis of your interview; identify missed topics, holes and rough spots; and then efficiently craft an essay that elevates, extends and enhances your profile? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The consulting team at The MBA Exchange proudly features two former admissions officers from HBS – as well as 12 experienced Harvard grads – who are qualified and motivated to be your resource for this concluding step in the admissions process. Guidance and support on the essay is included at no additional cost in our HBS Interview Prep Consultation.

The time, effort and hopes you’ve invested to reach this stage of your campaign are substantial. Why not take one more step by giving the best effort to your last, last word – the HBS post-interview reflection essay.