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It’s MBA Decision Day: What’s Your Next Step?

April 9 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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After an exhausting application process spanning several months, followed by weeks of silent but hopeful reflection, you finally receive the official word from your dream business school. What did they tell you? Where do you stand today?

Congratulations!!! This an unforgettable, milestone achievement like none other. Thanks to a solid resume and transcript, competitive test score, compelling essays, convincing recommendations, and stellar interview, you got the nod and now expect to join the incoming MBA class. Well, not to spoil your celebration, there’s one final hurdle that remains – background verification – before matriculation.

Most business schools engage eagle-eyed, background-checking firms to revisit admits’ applications in search of gaps, overlaps, disconnects, exaggerations, misstatements, fabrications, etc. So, as you re-read your application now with fresh eyes, is there any content that might prompt a query or concern during background verification? If so, consider enlisting the guidance and support of a savvy, trustworthy expert and proven approach to help you prepare and, if necessary, pre-empt or respond in the best way.

And, even if you’re unconcerned about background verification, there’s another important topic for new admits to address – merit-based financial aid. Before you commit to matriculate, you still have a one-time chance to approach and negotiate with the school about possible scholarships, fellowships, grants, etc. We encourage you to have an expert advisor in your corner to help you take actions that could maximize the dollars you might receive.

Don’t be discouraged – your candidacy is still alive. This preliminary notification from adcoms confirms you’re “qualified” for admission. Now the competition continues as the school decides whether you, or someone else, will fill the next seat that becomes available as previously admitted applicants decide not to enroll.

Even though this is called the waitlist, and even if the school may not request or encourage additional input from you, simply waiting silently is unlikely to improve your chances for admission. So, what should you do? A smart move would be to engage a professional admissions consultant who has helped other waitlistees succeed at your target school in recent years. Following a customized plan that considers the adcom’s policies and preferences is most likely to produce the positive result you had in mind when you submitted your application.

This really hurts. You devoted so much time and effort to your application, only to be turned away. And what adds frustration is the fact the school didn’t even provide any substantive feedback on what might have led to this disappointing outcome. However, there’s no need to walk away from your original goal of an MBA education – either at this school or maybe one that’s an even better fit for your background and goals.

You now have several options: If your priority is simply to discover vulnerabilities or oversights that held back your initial application, you can get an objective ding analysis from a knowledgeable admissions consultant. Or if you want to re-assess the overall competitiveness of your current candidacy, you can request a free evaluation. Or if you’re eager to get back into the game with a refined, robust reapplication campaign, you can get a head start by launching a comprehensive consultation with a dedicated admissions consultant.

Yes, it’s MBA Decision Day – but it is not only the school’s decision that matters. It’s also the day for you – as an admitted, waitlisted, or denied applicant – to decide what you’re going do next. How are you going to get the MBA education that rewards you with life-long dividends? The MBA Exchange can help make that happen and we’re eager to hear from you.

What’s your decision?