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MBA Admissions Decisions Coming Soon — What’s Your Next Step?

March 13 2018 By The MBA Exchange
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Top business schools are starting to announce their admissions decisions for the past round. This is the magic moment you’ve been waiting for. Having invested so much time, effort and desire into your campaign over recent months, your fate is now in the hands of the admissions committee.

There are only three possible outcomes – admit, deny or waitlist. In any case, you’re certain to feel overwhelming emotions once you hear from the schools. So, now is the time to plan your next move for each of those three scenarios. That way, you can proceed confidently, objectively and efficiently as soon as you get the word. So, depending on your results, here’s some actionable advice from The MBA Exchange:

Congratulations! You’ve achieved your goal, overcoming the competition and beating the odds. Savor your well-deserved victory. Celebrate with family and friends. However, it’s not over yet. You still have two important considerations to address before admission is a done deal.

First, whether or not your acceptance included merit-based financial aid, you have an opportunity – before you commit to enroll – to respectfully request the maximum possible award. And, if you’ve been accepted by more than one school, you have a chance to do some strategic negotiating. Why leave thousands of potential dollars on the table? To make the most of this opportunity, considering engaging a professional advisor to guide you.

Second, you should anticipate and prepare for background verification. Business schools hire third-party investigators to review the applications of admits and to question any apparent exaggerations, falsehoods or disconnects. If you feel that your application might raise a red flag during this verification process, you should have an expert in your corner to advise you on the proper documentation and best responses to questions and assumptions.

Don’t despair! The good news is that you qualify for admission and your application is still under consideration. However, this is not a time for silence. Earning an offer of admission requires that you convince the adcom that you offer more value to their MBA program than other candidates on the waitlist. Making this happen requires an objective assessment of your strengths and vulnerabilities, and a plan for convincing the decision makers to grant you a seat in the incoming class. That’s exactly the kind of support you can expect from a skilled admissions consultant.

So be it! For whatever reason, the admissions committee has decided that another applicant is a better fit than you for their MBA program. Disappointing, frustrating and painful, for sure. And it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get any feedback from the school as to why they denied your application. So, what can and should you do?

Well, if you’re still determined to attend business school this year, then you have precious little time to produce strong applications to other schools for the upcoming round. Challenging, yes, but definitely doable with the guidance of a professional admissions consultant.

However, rather than rush your campaign, if you prefer to enroll in b-school next year, then you have sufficient time to take a more thoughtful and comprehensive approach. You can start with a free, expert evaluation of your MBA candidacy or seek a detailed “ding analysis” of your previous applications. Either way, you’ll get a sense of why you were denied and what you can do to help ensure a better outcome in the next round or year.

Finally, if you’ve decided that business school is simply not for you, then you could benefit from speaking with a professional career advisor. Whether it’s deciding which industry or companies to target or ways to enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile, having a pro in your corner can help you succeed without an MBA degree. And, who knows, perhaps you’ll discover than getting a better job now and then earning an Executive MBA degree later could give you the best of both worlds!

We wish that all MBA applicants receive admission this round! However, regardless of the schools’ decisions, by following our advice and suggestions you’ll be ready to move forward productively with your career and your life.