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Part 1: Tips for Future Management Consultants — How to Benefit from Info Sessions

June 12 2018 By The MBA Exchange
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By Stephanie Horn, Managing Consultant at the Consulting Career Academy; Kellogg MBA and former McKinsey consultant

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Top consulting firms are coming to your business school, eager to share their firm’s philosophies and areas of expertise, and searching for prospective interns and full-time hires to invite for interviews. With so many of your fellow students attending these information sessions, what’s the best way for you to stand out and make an impact? Here are 6 proven tips from the Consulting Career Academy.

1. Study the firm’s website to understand their current positioning and latest achievements. This will reveal some current topics on which you should comment or base questions during interviews.

2. Arrive early and/or stay late to get a 2-minute audience with the highest ranking firm member there.

3. Present your business card, and request his or hers so you can get an email address.

4. During your chat, devote one minute to summarizing your background and one minute to ask about a specific practice area at the firm that relates to your background and/or goals.

5. Discreetly “hover” while the firm’s representative is speaking with other applicants. You’re likely to overhear some actionable insights.

6. Follow up within 24 hours with a brief email that expresses appreciation, reminds the firm’s representative of a relevant strength you identified during your chat, mention a key initiative at the firm that impresses/attracts you, and end with a passionate statement about wanting to work there.

Would you like to have a 15-minute chat with a former McKinsey, BCG or Bain consultant to discuss your career interests, needs and priorities? There’s no cost or obligation! The Consulting Career Academy welcomes the chance to get to know you and demonstrate our expertise.

P.S. Coming soon! Part 2 of this blog series for future management consultants: “How to Network for an Interview Invite.”