The ROI of a Live Diagnostic with a GMAT Coach

Golf ball in water

By Margo Diewald, Senior Tutor, The MBA Exchange

Margo Diewald
Margo Diewald, Senior Tutor, The MBA Exchange

UPDATE: You can now book to take the GMAT Online Exam until the end of 2020.

I’d wager that at least 4 out of 5 MBA hopefuls have competed in sports, studied dance or martial arts, or played an instrument. Learning the necessary skills to be proficient takes time and effort, and working with better coaches can get you better results.

Suppose now you’re trying to develop a new skill, like golf. Where will you start? Perhaps you’ll spend a lot of time practicing at the driving range. If you can drive the ball far and straight, you’ll avoid many potential frustrations. But if there are any errors in your approach or initial setup, you’ll feel before you see whether you’ve whiffed, topped, or shanked the ball. You can spend many more hours at the driving range and still not achieve the same results that you can get by working with a professional. A great golf pro can easily spot flaws in your stance and swing and help you fix your form.

As a GMAT coach, I do the same for our clients. Whether we’re working on Quant or Verbal skills, I watch your stance (how you approach practice questions) and I listen attentively as you swing (how you reason through your responses). This way I can help you make immediate adjustments for maximum results. Get the “you-specific” insights which can’t be learned from a textbook or video course:

• Why are you taking too long to solve certain GMAT questions?
• Where in your current approach are you introducing opportunities to make mistakes?
• Do you unintentionally gloss over key information?
• Why do you fall for the test maker’s trap answers?

On the GMAT, and the golf course, a bad approach means a frustrating game. Let us help you diagnose and fix your fundamentals. The ROI? Better results with more smiles and less effort. You can find more information about our test prep and tutoring services here. Please contact us for further test prep and tutoring information.