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Why use a professional editor for your MBA essays?

May 29 2018 By The MBA Exchange
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Updated April 19, 2022

Most business school applicants have someone review their essays before submission. It’s easy to miss something or make a mistake given the intensity of the MBA application process, so engaging a second pair of eyes can save the day.

Many applicants rely on a trusted friend, relative or colleague. However, the skills, experience and objectivity of a professional editor can reduce risk and add value for you in ways that no amateur could ever do.

A professional essay editor is not…

First, let’s clarify what an editor is not. He or she is not an outsourcer or “ghost writer” who creates content for you. That would be both unethical and unwise. Rather, a professional editor is a critic who analyzes, questions, challenges and suggests ways to strengthen your story.

Your professional essay editor should be…

An editor is an advocate dedicated to help you present your strengths (and, yes, your vulnerabilities) in the best possible ways. On the most basic level, an editor helps you avoid mistakes in grammar, spelling and word usage. While always respecting your voice, and never commandeering your story, an editor also ensures clarity, continuity and cohesiveness. Having helped hundreds, even thousands, of past applicants tell their stories, an editor sees gaps and disconnects in an essay that could otherwise undermine an entire application.

Finally, an editor discovers and polishes the “hidden gems” in essays that can help a candidacy truly sparkle. At The MBA Exchange, we believe in the value of professional editors so much that we’ve built a team of them over the past three decades. Each client is supported by an editor who works in close partnership with the lead admissions consultant to provide thorough and thoughtful support.

Our multi-stage process for essay development ensures that topics, examples and structure are rock solid even before the editor reviews the client’s best draft and makes actionable suggestions for improvement. Each year, we proudly receive glowing testimonials from our clients expressing their deep appreciation for the tangible difference made by our editors.

Here’s a typical review from an MBA applicant client:

“I am extremely grateful for all your suggestions, ideas, edits, help and everything you have provided to me in the past half a year. You have been such a great partner to work with. A million thanks for your magic editing skills. I have finally got into my dream school Harvard under your guidance.”

The MBA Exchange is here to help you maximize the chances for admission to your dream school. One important way we do so is by having one of our best professional editors serve on your team!