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3 keys to success in Kellogg’s new Video Essay

July 30 2013 By The MBA Exchange
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Given cutbacks on the number and length of traditional essays, the introduction of “real-time assessment tools” like team-based discussions at Wharton and Ross, and the emerging use of video at other b-schools, it was only a matter of time until a top-10 program introduced a mandatory video essay. We’re excited about this new opportunity for Kellogg applicants to make an impact above and beyond the written application.

Three keys to success at Kellogg are for applicants to:

  1. Fully understand the scope and relevance of their personal, professional and academic sides;
  2. Internalize a user-friendly framework that facilitates succinct, impromptu responses to a range of questions; and
  3. Have a clear sense of their fit with the offerings and culture of the school.

This process of ‘discovery’ is at the heart of client engagements at The MBA Exchange. So, our clients will be well prepared for Kellogg’s new video essay. In fact, video has been an exclusive component of our consulting services for the past four years. Since 2009, our clients have participated in simulated admissions interviews via the same video platform used by career services professionals at Wharton, Booth and other top b-schools. In Spring of 2012, The MBA Exchange introduced the first video training for Wharton’s team based-discussion, featuring recorded playback for participants.

This season, we’ve added a video specialist to our consulting team to provide guidance and feedback to clients as they plan for video-based interaction with their targeted schools. His academic and professional credentials span theatre, psychology and multimedia communication, enabling us to advise clients on both content development and authentic delivery. At present, this service is available at no additional charge only as part of our Comprehensive Consultations.

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting service for Kellogg applicants, email us at