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How To Ace Your Northwestern Kellogg MBA Application

April 15 2022 By The MBA Exchange
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The Kellogg School of Management, part of Northwestern University on the shores of Lake Michigan near the city of Chicago a great choice as a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program target. In creating your Kellogg MBA application, follow these expert tips from The MBA Exchange and you’ll be sure to ace it!

Kellogg MBA academic programs

What kind of programs are available through Northwestern Kellogg? Northwestern Kellogg offers several options besides a traditional full-time MBA. You might be more interested in a part-time MBA time commitment or opt for the executive MBA (EMBA) program instead. 

At Kellogg, you can pursue:

  • A one- or two-year MBA
  • Part-time MBA study
  • An EMBA (or Executive Education Courses on a custom, open enrollment basis)
  • An MS in Management Studies
  • JD/MBA (with Northwestern Law), MBA or MMM degrees
  • Kellogg Future Leaders (deferred MBA program)
  • Ph.D. programs specializing in topics like management, organizations and sociology (with the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences)

Kellogg even offers certification courses for undergraduates and specific professions.

Kellogg MBA admission deadlines

For full-time MBA study, there are three rounds of Kellogg MBA application deadlines. Round 1 kicks off in September, followed by Round 2 in January and Round 3 in April. Read more about MBA rounds in 2022.

That’s not all you need to know when it comes to Kellogg’s MBA application deadlines.

The part-time program at Kellogg accepts applicants for Spring 2022 in January, and for Summer 2022 in March; the EMBA program uses two rounds for the September 2022 start date in April and June, and two rounds for January 2023 start date in August and October.

Kellogg MBA application requirements

The committee is looking to see a history of leadership, excellence, and experience that, with the benefit of MBA study, can develop into a world-class MBA graduate. Your professional experience (including military service), proven intellectual capabilities, and community impact all play a role in impressing adcoms.

The Kellogg MBA application requires multiple elements to be complete. For a full-time program application, you’ll need:

  • Two written 450-word essays on your challenges and values
  • Video essays introducing yourself and your candidacy
  • Transcripts from your bachelor’s or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university, with a listing of all institutions and programs that you’ve previously attended or are currently attending
  • A GMAT or GRE test score, with no preference between test options from Kellogg adcoms
  • Two letters of recommendation, with one ideally written by a current employer or supervisor
  • An MBA resume (Kellogg gives no specific requirements as to length)
  • Application responses, including a section on your employment history that needs to be accurate and in agreement with the info in your submitted resume
  • An interview report
  • TOEFL or IELTS (for international applicants)

Applicants to different programs may have other different requirements, including additional essay questions. For example, the JD/MBA program requires two sets of transcripts, one to be sent to Kellogg and one to Northwestern Law.

Kellogg MBA admissions interviews

If your application materials are up to snuff, you may get through to the MBA admissions interview stage. What are MBA admissions interviews like at Kellogg, and what do you need to do in order to impress?

Your virtual interview is your chance to learn more about Kellogg, and to show off your interpersonal and communication skills and drive to succeed in your career. Kellogg seeks to interview as many MBA candidates as possible in each intake.

If you’re nervous about the admissions interview, review your application strategy. You might benefit from additional practice sessions, or from prep with one of the MBA admissions professionals at The MBA Exchange. Build up your confidence, and then you can wow adcoms with this opportunity to sparkle and shine on real-time video.

5 Kellogg MBA application tips

With these tips from the MBA admissions experts at The MBA Exchange, you can save yourself the grief and get right to the core of what you need to do to create the perfect Kellogg MBA application.

Choose the right program for you

The five full-time programs and other program options at Northwestern Kellogg mean that, whoever you are, you can find the right program for you within this institution. Even if you’re pretty sure you already know where you’re going to find the best fit, take the time to research all your options before you commit to submitting your finalized application.
Kellogg only allows each applicant to apply to one full-time program per year, with an option to indicate an alternate program of interest at the time you submit your Kellogg MBA application.

Make a commitment to collaboration

Kellogg MBA application requirements seek to highlight your individual achievements, but also your strong collaboration skills. Ace your Kellogg MBA application by emphasizing your ability to handle issues both hard and soft, applying and adapting your skills as needed to collaborate with a wide range of diverse individuals and teams.

Include extracurricular activities as part of your package

Kellogg MBA application management involves bringing together the different strands of your life into a single package – and that includes extracurricular and community involvement activities from your student and postgraduate days.
Enumerating your extracurricular activities and associations is one part of the importance of your MBA resume to your overall Kellogg MBA application.

Determine your path

Only you can discover the right forward trajectory for you. Check MBA rankings and program requirements to determine how a Kellogg MBA program could fit into your plans for your future.

When you know how you’ll use your MBA, you can better shape your application materials toward a strategy for admissions success. And, Kellogg adcoms will be impressed by your developed career goals and grounded sense of yourself.

Be your real (best) self

Your Kellogg MBA application should show off your best self while staying deeply rooted in the authentic. Kellogg adcoms are looking for students with real stories, ambitions, and personalities. The more of your unique juice you can get into your Kellogg MBA application materials, the better!
However, make sure you can accurately back up and document every claim you make in your application answers, essays, resume, and other Kellogg MBA application materials. The final step is clearing top-tier background verification processes used at top schools like Northwestern Kellogg, and you don’t want your candidacy to hit a snag in the home stretch.

Is a One-Year MBA Program at Kellogg right for me?

The One-Year Program at Kellogg offers an opportunity for students who are ready to roll to hit the ground running. Does this sound like you? One of the first programs of its kind in the country, the One-Year Program lets you study from June to June and graduate fast, skipping core courses to tailor your studies to a specific, immediate career goal.

The One-Year Program does require a previous study in business or economics, unlike the other degree options available from Northwestern Kellogg. For your One-Year Kellogg MBA application, you’ll need to submit an additional essay discussing your current experience and how you hope to leverage your One-Year MBA study toward your future goals. You can apply to the One-Year Program in Round 1 (September), Round 2 (January), or Round 3 (April).

Is a Kellogg MBA program hard to get into?

US News and World Report rank Kellogg’s full-time program as a tie for third in the Best Business Schools category, with the part-time program similarly coming in at third in its category.

While Kellogg no longer publicizes information on acceptance rates or the number of applications received each year, looking at the historical trendline we can tell you that the acceptance rate hovers somewhere around 20%, according to Fortune.

With Northwestern Kellogg, you’re definitely in the top-5 MBA program range, so admission is something of a challenge. You want to really perfect your Kellogg MBA application requirements to maximize your chances of success.

Optimizing your Kellogg MBA application management

When you have to put together something as complex as a Kellogg MBA application package, with stakes that are this high, you benefit from professional, experienced application support. At The MBA Exchange, we have the expertise you can trust to guide you through Kellogg MBA application requirements, Kellogg MBA application deadlines (or Kellogg part-time MBA application deadlines!), and the twists and turns of Kellogg MBA application management.

If you’re ready to start optimizing your Kellogg MBA application for 2022 deadlines, submit your request for a free profile evaluation from The MBA Exchange now, and let us know that you’re interested in targeting Northwestern Kellogg MBA programs. With our support, you’re going to ace the Kellogg MBA application process, opening doors for your future for years to come.